Kongo Baseball Club

About Kongo Baseball Club

The Kongo Baseball Club is a competitive youth baseball program developed to help kids learn the essential skills and fundamentals to take their baseball skill to the next level. We help our athletes do this by utilizing the best coaches, skill trainers, and athletic trainers in Utah. We have our kids practice twice a week and train with our athletic trainers for one hour a week. One of our practices is All skill based work and the other is team oriented situational practice. The focus of our club is personal growth of every athlete in our program.

Our goal is to have teams ranging from 7u to 18u. Right now we have 5 teams in the organization. A 7u team, 2 11u teams, and two high school aged teams. In total we have 47 kids in our program. Our plan is to have 3 teams an age group both softball and baseball.

The future is bright

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